Friday, October 10, 2008

My hair and the sad attempt at cuteness:(

I have lousy hair. 
Don't try to empathize with me because you simply can't.
Sorry, not to be rude, but trust me, you can't.

It is very rare, almost never, that I see someone with as thin of hair as I have. As a kid my hairdresser used to think I would eventually grow out of it. So did I. Unbelievably, it has only gotten even thinner.
It stinks. I can never just get up and go. It is like a cyclone hit my hair in the night. It is so thin it rats up while I sleep and sticks straight up in all different directions in the morning.

There has never been a single day in my life where I could just throw up my hair in a ponytail. It does not grow long enough to do that and if it ever could the ponytail would be like 1/4 in thick and would look ridiculous. I have permed it, cut it, colored it, taken hair vitamins, got extensions and bought expensive hair-thickening shampoo. All for naught--Cute hair is not to be for me. (hee hee--that rhymes!)

I had a friend in my last ward with hair like mine. She referred to it as spider webs. Perfect analogy, I thought. Like spider webs. Exactly.

So today I showered, I blow dried, I flat-ironed, I curled it down, I curled it up. I flat ironed again. It was not cute. It was disastrous. I resigned myself to not being cute today.

Then, I put on a hat. I thought it looked cute. I would be very model of sophistication in my hat. No one would even suspect the fright lurking underneath.

Peter comes in and says, "Bad hair day, huh?"
I say, "What do you mean? You don't think it looks cute?"
Peter says, "Too late for me to take it back now."

Too true, too true.
Peter, I will have you know someone in my class today complimented me on my hat.


Sally said...

You look very cute in that hat! The total look of sophistication my dear!

hunter said...
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treasure1 said...

Having a bad hair day and looking so cute is quite the oxymoron

Bonnie said...

I love wearing hats on those kind of days! I have a cute pageboy one that i love, but not every likes hats on people. And after 14.5 years of marriage Peter doesn't know better??

MIchael and Lynnette Davies said...

I like the hat April. I think it's cute.

Jim and Tammy's Life said...

Hey cutie, I miss you! I will be in St George on Thanksgiving! I am spending it in a rest home with my step-mom.....