Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Entertainment

Lavender Days

Yesterday we went to Lavender Day in Mona, UT (about 25 min. South of us). We saw some shows including Peter's most favorite, the bagpipes. Maybe he'll start up taking lessons. I'm into guys in kilts, so that would be good with me. The kids did some medieval rides involving swinging barrels and such and we all got to try lavender ice cream. It's pretty good actually. I made myself a wreath that doesn't look so hot, but I'm not too crafty with the exception of the glue gun (and my quilting of course, but I don't know if that counts as crafty).
Cute little festival though. Great herb garden, which I was very impressed with. I've started growing herbs in the yard and was taking notes of their collection.
John was being pretty fussy, it was a bit hot, and after about tearing out my hair trying to make my wreath I was ready for some essential lavender oils to calm my nerves.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Day in the Park

Lily has been visiting this week. She was only supposed to be here for three nights but with my incredible sweet-talkin' I got her mom to let her stay another week. After spending the whole day stuck at home in front of the TV yesterday while I took the kids swimming, she may be second guessing her decision. It isn't exactly excitement-city around here.
But anyway, Lily and I have been playing a bit (we have hit the malls pretty good around here--Lily is a world-class shopper). We have been surfing the internet for YouTube videos of things we are not disclosing at this time(: One of the big priorities was to watch "PS I love You". This is Lily's favorite movie of the month and though I hadn't seen it I knew I was in for an emotional ride and watched it with her and a box of kleenex. We totally bawled. It was a true time of sisterly bonding. My favorite part was the karaoke scene. Don't worry, if you haven't seen it I won't spoil it-- but it was AWESOME! I cried the hardest when she had the fling with the guy in Ireland because I couldn't stand that she was in the arms of anyone else. Lily is going to marry an Irish guy--we decided it doesn't even matter what he looks like as long as he has that incredible accent!!!!! (What can I say? We girls are pathetic and shallow sometimes too.)
I got to find out some interesting facts about Lily, most of which she would not allow me to share, but I will have to share how hilarious it is that she has stopped going to church dances because this really short guy with a hat is always stalking her and won't let anyone else dance with her (been there, done that). But the best part was when he cornered her in a dance and asked her to Prom with a giant hershey kiss and a dozen red roses. She gave the "I'll have to check my schedule" excuse. Poor short little man. Is that the Twilight Zone music I hear in the background?
We have painted our nails, have new dress-up clothes, ate forbidden frozen custard, kicked our butts with some yoga, and have some juicy secrets of the divine ya ya sisterhood now.

Summer fun

April really doesn't like summer. I could say hate but that might be a bit strong.
#1 I don't like heat. Whatever the locals say, don't believe them. It was over 100 degrees here last summer for a good six weeks. I almost melted to death. Anything over 70 degrees is warm enough. I should move to Oregon--I'd move to Ireland (Irish guys are really hot--maybe Sarah could hook up with a nice LDS one) but the kids would probably not take to that idea and Oregon is closer. This year everyone was complaining about the extended winter. Not me--I know what's coming. I may move into the basement this year.
#2 I used to look forward to summer and not being strapped to a schedule, but no more. I have children to entertain all day. For an exceptionally white person, going to the pool to supervise the children in 100 degree heat while I have to shroud myself from the sun isn't what I call fun. I got a really weird polka-dotted sun burn yesterday. Then there is of course the inevitable bathing suit drama. I spend a great deal of time at the pool just observing. "Does she have more cellulite then me? I think she might." or "It should be outlawed to look like that after having 5 children, or any at all for that matter. Curse her." I should have lived long ago, where it was fashionable to wear something that covers you head to toe when you swim. Or, maybe just not swim at all. That sounds good.
#3 Cleaning the house while the children are home is like...well you know...USELESS. For those who know me I am a girl that thrives in order. Order and children are not to be used in the same sentence. I might as well be trying to qualify for the Olympics. Those are about the chances I have of keeping an orderly house in the summer.
#4 Fighting, screaming, sassy, cheeky, onry, stubborn, demanding, whining, loving sweet children. Why is it all I want to do sometimes is be alone-or-I-may-kill-you and then I'm finally alone and all I can think about is how I want to be with my kids? I think I have split personality.
#5 Did I mention the heat?

Oooo--by the way--I hit 10 lbs. (F-I-N-A-L-L-Y) so Michael says 10 more (I say 20). He had me doing lunges all over Gold's Gym yesterday until I couldn't keep my balance and was falling into people. I thought--this isn't too bad-- then I woke up the next morning and now I hate him again. Sorry Michael.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My friend Yerko, the adventurer

Today Rebecca was trying to trick John into letting her spray conditioner in his armpit. John turns to her and says, "That's for your hair, you idiot!." I say, "John! Where did you hear that?" but he just smiled and thought he was pretty funny.
Right now he has a pile of big, juicy worms on a shovel he is showing me. I have been digging a sandbox in the backyard and I keep having to soak the dirt to loosen it up. Of course the kids think it is a giant mud toy box and have been making a holy mess out there.
I was able to get in touch with a good friend from high school, Yerko Dekovic. He is doing incredible things in his life and right now he has been gone about a year in South America traveling around surfing as he goes. He has spent some considerable time on his own driving his truck in the jungle, on sand and so forth. Check out his site at It is pretty amazing. I've included a few pics here. Note the one of his truck--he stopped his solo driving in Nicaragua to take a picture of it.
Why is my life looking dull?

Friday, June 13, 2008

My darling Step-Sister Lily (not at all like Cinderella's)

Talked to Lily (step-sister) today and she wasn't pleased I hadn't posted any pics of her on my blog so I stole some off her myspace page for all to see. Isn't she gorgeous? Why couldn't some of those genes pass through to me when my dad married Linda?

Don't worry Dad, you're still young at heart (:

Today is Dad's 55th birthday! This is the last time he visited in May of this year with Linda, his wife of 5 years now! Linda is head of the language dept. at Santa Rosa College and sometimes takes students on travels where Spanish is spoken. Dad is on disability retirement due to MS and spends as much time as he can doing things he loves (which in all reality, isn't much time). Since he and Linda have been married they have been to Costa Rica twice, Mexico, Ireland, England, at least 2 Mediterranean cruises (I can't keep up), Hawaii, Brazil, Egypt and I really don't know where all. Dad likes alternative energy, anything outdoors, eating exotic food, watching British mystery series, action movies, peanut butter and chocolate (or any combination including them) hippie music, and dreams of working to help the environment. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Aaron!

My brother Aaron is 19 today (and yes, we are all waiting for him to turn in his mission papers--he insists he's moving as fast as he can). I just thought I'd post these pics so we can all be sure of what a HOTTIE he is. (Hee hee) Right now he is taking some classes at the community college, working for a copy center, listening to one of the myriad of songs on his ipod, driving his Volvo, taking charge of his singles ward, or playing dorky computer games with his friends. (Or maybe a combination of these) Hope you have a great day Aaron!

Boys will be boys

This is the band that is going to be playing for Art City Days here in Springville this week. It reminds me of my dad's generation. I think they are having a little too much fun. Do they really expect us to believe they can all fit on the same surfboard?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Timp Caves

Timpanogos Caves

Today on a whim we decided to go to the Timpanogos Caves near American Fork, UT. We hopped in the van (well, you never actually "hop" anywhere with several children, but you know) and 35 min. later we were in a National Park! How weird is that? On arrival we were singing Peter's praises for making us all wear jackets because it ended up pouring rain. Then as we proceeded to make the 1 1/2 mile hike gaining 1000 ft. elevation and the sun came out we were all cursing him (j/k Peter--we love you). Everyone survived it fine and we all had a pretty good time. John was of course dragging up the hill and I carried him a bit. Then when we were in the middle of the tour through the caves he started wailing that he had to pee NOW. The rangers are constantly reminding you not to even touch the cave walls for fear of the oils on your hands and so I thought urine was probably pretty much out of the question. I whipped out an empty bottle of water and tried to sweet-talk him into peeing in that but he wasn't going for it. I don't know why, he pees everywhere else (the tub, on the dog, on the wall, down the hose in the backyard...) Peter ended up carrying him back down the mountain (can we say shinsplints?) We went out to Applebees afterward for dinner where Peter and I were good and had salads while the kids ate burgers. The caves were really cool--check them out if you ever get the chance!

my gardening hobby

Monday, June 2, 2008


For anyone who is interested in the update, I'm down 7 lbs! Here is a couple of pics Sarah took of Jill reminding us to stop stressing and smell the flowers.

Girls just wanna have fun!

Sarah got a new camera for her birthday and I found some pretty hilarious video of pre-teen girl behavior on it the day after the sleep-over. It so reminds me of being that age!