Thursday, December 30, 2010

Toy Story alive and well around here

So are they all ganging up on that one guy? John is highly anticipating getting our wood floors so he can play with his soldiers in more places than the spot in front of the fireplace.

Peter was very careful to preserve the box as he opened the new Buzz.
Good thing because that is where John keeps him all the time.

Christmas Day

"It's a pillow. It's a pet. It's a pillow pet . . ."

Kind of blurry, but you get the idea. She was eyeballing this present with the sure knowledge that American Girl doll Felicity was in it.

Course she was right:)

Sarah's Itouch
I gotta go back and watch her reaction to this on video again.
She was not thinking she was getting this.

Nathaniel's first cell phone.
I caved, I know. But seriously what do you buy for a 15-yr-old boy?
I for one, had no idea and he wasn't that helpful.

What Christmas would be complete for John without Buzz?
He's interactive and so he talks to you and before I figured out how to turn him off he talked to me all the way home in the trunk of the van.
"Are you still there?"
"I'm not sure I caught that, did you say Star Command?"
All the way home from Orem Target. It was very annoying.

Peter got a wool coat (not the pea coat kind, he looked totally gay in in when we tried it on), a Canon Powershot, and a new electric razor. All somewhat expected I'm afraid. No big surprises.

Santa brought me a very cute brown suede coat and 'Lovely' perfume.
Peter gave me a Kindle, which I expected (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE) and a new flash for my Canon Rebel, which I did not expect at all, and was very excited about! Peter is the man.
I have got to take a photography class.

It was a really, really fun Christmas.

Christmas bake-a-thon 2010

17 plates this year.
That is down by at least 8 from last year but I think the cookies last year were less complex. And larger so they took up more space on the plate. I'll keep this in mind next year.
Bigger cookies, smaller plates.

blanket for Daniel

Cutest baby blanket ever!! This was my first time using wool and I absolutely loved it.
Can I just say that I'll never forget Daniel has 23 letters in his name?

The joys of snow!

Tuesday before Christmas I got up to get the kids off to school and this was my driveway. With the roads not being plowed I was not even going to attempt to drive and so I called the carpool (because of course it was my turn that day.) Nathaniel had this big math test which was extra annoying because in my opinion they shouldn't even have school that week at all, something I'm a not a little bit outspoken about.

I told Nathaniel we would just have to walk. In the snow. Up to our knees. I didn't care. Good exercise anyway, right?

As we shoveled we hear that the school district has canceled buses but not school. What?! So I'm calling schools and "all circuits are busy." Well there's a big shocker. Anyway it finally happened. They actually ended up canceling school. The joy of children in the neighborhood was audible through the streets. All the neighbors were outside shoveling and marveling and we all had a good old time. We actually saw people on their snowmobiles!

Lily was in California and that is her car she left in our driveway.

the bikes--we really need a shed!

Nathaniel outside his snow fort.


Rebecca didn't go to school Monday either because I decided she had too much work to do as it was for her book report and so I kept her home and she worked on that until she was was done and then went to play in the snow.
When I took the work into her teacher later that afternoon she said, "Oh! Is Rebecca sick?"
Blank stare.
Ok, so here's the thing-- I'm not going to lie to you. I would, but that would make me feel guilty, so if you ask you're pretty much going to get the truth. If I call the school to tell them somebody won't be there I'm not going to tell the office my kid is sick if they're not.
I used to--before I grew up and realized I'm the mom.

Maybe they need to play in the snow, or watch movies, or just hang out for a while--I don't know.
Sometimes kids just need a day off.

Except Nathaniel I guess because he won't miss school or it's a crisis. The teachers here can be harsh and sometimes they won't let you make up work. Or in his advanced math class he'll start drowning after one missed day. This was actually a class I advised him not to take by the way. I thought he needed more foundation but who listens to me?
I'll tell you this--Nathaniel is his father's son.

So the snow was welcomed around here. Oh! The texting! The Facebooking and Twittering going on with thru the morning--it was like an early Christmas.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas is here!

My most favorite time of the year is here!

Here comes Santa Claus!

And after several pictures like this. . .

and this . . .

and this . . .

Lily got a decent Christmas picture for us. The kids finally cooperated after they got the point that we were just going to do take after take until they stopped goofing around.
Thanks for your patience Lily!

Things the Mitchell's do at Christmas
-Visit Temple Square
-Watch the First Presidency Christmas Message together
-Read all of our Christmas books
-Buy a new ornament for each child to add to their personal collections
they will take when they leave home.
-Watch at least 2 versions of "A Christmas Carol" and go see the play if it is in our area.
-Watch "A Christmas Story," and "Miracle on 34th Street."
-Bake and sew and bake and sew...
-Attempt to get a family Christmas picture (not always successful)
-buy more Christmas music to add to our collection.
This year I'm getting Susan Boyle, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, and Jackie Evancho.
For the record my very favorite Christmas singer is Nat King Cole.
Love, love, love him.
-Do a big Christmas puzzle.
-spend all our FHE's the month of December based on Christ's birth and life.
Next week we have tickets go to the BYU museum of art to see the Carl Bloch exhibit.
It was 9 years in the planning and a once in a lifetime experience--I'm so excited!