Thursday, December 30, 2010

The joys of snow!

Tuesday before Christmas I got up to get the kids off to school and this was my driveway. With the roads not being plowed I was not even going to attempt to drive and so I called the carpool (because of course it was my turn that day.) Nathaniel had this big math test which was extra annoying because in my opinion they shouldn't even have school that week at all, something I'm a not a little bit outspoken about.

I told Nathaniel we would just have to walk. In the snow. Up to our knees. I didn't care. Good exercise anyway, right?

As we shoveled we hear that the school district has canceled buses but not school. What?! So I'm calling schools and "all circuits are busy." Well there's a big shocker. Anyway it finally happened. They actually ended up canceling school. The joy of children in the neighborhood was audible through the streets. All the neighbors were outside shoveling and marveling and we all had a good old time. We actually saw people on their snowmobiles!

Lily was in California and that is her car she left in our driveway.

the bikes--we really need a shed!

Nathaniel outside his snow fort.


Rebecca didn't go to school Monday either because I decided she had too much work to do as it was for her book report and so I kept her home and she worked on that until she was was done and then went to play in the snow.
When I took the work into her teacher later that afternoon she said, "Oh! Is Rebecca sick?"
Blank stare.
Ok, so here's the thing-- I'm not going to lie to you. I would, but that would make me feel guilty, so if you ask you're pretty much going to get the truth. If I call the school to tell them somebody won't be there I'm not going to tell the office my kid is sick if they're not.
I used to--before I grew up and realized I'm the mom.

Maybe they need to play in the snow, or watch movies, or just hang out for a while--I don't know.
Sometimes kids just need a day off.

Except Nathaniel I guess because he won't miss school or it's a crisis. The teachers here can be harsh and sometimes they won't let you make up work. Or in his advanced math class he'll start drowning after one missed day. This was actually a class I advised him not to take by the way. I thought he needed more foundation but who listens to me?
I'll tell you this--Nathaniel is his father's son.

So the snow was welcomed around here. Oh! The texting! The Facebooking and Twittering going on with thru the morning--it was like an early Christmas.


Sally said...

April, you're the best! I totally love the way you think! :)

Meg said...

I agree! Kids need days off like adults do. I say, yes, my kids are sick...sick of school!