Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So I'm doing this all over again?

This is the part I love about being a mom.

This morning was not.
This morning I went into John's room to get him up for the third time and I stepped in his wet sandy clothes from yesterday. I deduct that he had the hose in the sandbox. Again.
Getting Rebecca's hair fixed I see there is plenty of sand in the bathroom sink and on the floor.

When I go to lay John's wet clothes out on the porch I see that there is paint dried on the cement. I look for a scrubber and can't find one so I end up using the cat brush because it has metal bristles. (It actually worked good!)
Right at that time my neighbor walks over to return dishes. I am in my morning sweats, hair is in every direction, I am squatting down scrubbing my porch with the hose and a cat brush at 7:30am.
"Dinner was delicious," he says.

Last week John was having himself what we refer to as "a hard day."
This is a day where his anxiety level is so high he pushes us all to our limits.
He let the dog out twice. The second time our redneck neighbor was walking their dog and Charlie proceeded to roughhouse with it until he drew blood from it's face. I was very grateful they were my redneck neighbors and not my hyper-anal neighbors because when I spoke to the dad about it he told me it was good for their dog to get beat up once in a while. The ego was running a little high these days anyway.
Plus, he said, the dog still looks cute to him.

Bad dog.

That night John ended up in our room again. He woke me up five or six more times to tell me he was pretty sure there was a man standing by our bathroom door.

This is my life. I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

Tough choice

25 weeks

This morning I thought about the things I could do after I got the dishes done.
I could sew costumes.
I could go to the store and get fertilizer for the lawn.
I could go to the temple,
or work on what we are doing in our Wolf den today.

Or I could just lie in my bed and watch the baby move.
Wanna guess which one I picked?

Spring is here (and snow is due this weekend)

ahh, color

Saturday, March 17, 2012


This is the way my room looked yesterday morning.

And this is the way it looks tonight. I have the whole wall all to myself!

I picked Peter up from the airport today and he helped me move the computer desk to a new location away from my sewing area and where I can just look down the stairs to see who is on the computer.

By the way, this is the way that cupboard looked before. Hello 1970.

Speaking of the 70's my sewing area is all set up for me now to work on costumes for the upcoming Stake Musical. I'm in charge of costumes for Annie's "You're never Fully Dressed" number, which isn't too bad, and for the Mamma Mia's "Dancing Queen" number, which is going to require a lot more work and imagination. Hello Abba's 1970's body suits and sequins! Dress rehearsals start in about 10 days and I'm a little worried, but I have this great space to work in now.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sewing area project

Peter was in California this week and this is a project I've been longing to get to-- turning my dark dungeon of a sewing area into something more bright and inviting.

Before pics


Many, many coats of topcoat later . . .

background contact paper
Found this at TJ Max for $5.99

finished shelves

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Disney on Ice

I can now officially say I've been to a Disney on Ice. Toy Story 3 was coming to Salt Lake and I had talked to Rebecca and John about it but hadn't made any definitive plans. I was in John's class on Thursday when some kids started talking about how they were going this weekend and the teacher asked for a raise of hands of those going and John's was enthusiastically waving and I was thinking, oh Nellie, I'd better get on this one asap.

This is what we affectionally refer to as John's $18 foam Woody hat. Everyone within earshot knows how much we paid for this hat because it is ridiculous. The venders are shameless about guilting parents into buying toys marked up 400% or more. When I handed the guy my twenty I thought the price was ten bucks. Turns out had read the "8" as a "0."

I'm glad we went-- it was an experience. The show was a little long for us and John was ready to go by intermission but I made him stick it out. The skaters were very good and we actually had pretty decent seats but we can only handle so much skating and singing in this family I guess.

Skating must be extremely effective in keeping a person in shape because they all looked very fit. I can only imagine what kind of calorie expenditure they go through doing two shows a day like they had to do on Saturday. Baby was quite active during the whole show as well I think because it was so loud and maybe he had a sugar high because I drank some Sprite.

Afterwards I took the kids to feed our leftover popcorn to the ducks at Liberty Park. It was a really gorgeous day outside.

Cute picture of Rebecca-- too bad it was overexposed. Guess I can try to tweak it.

I sat there for a while with the sun pummeling my scalp and finally decided to forget dignity and put on John's Woody hat. Gotta get something for my eighteen bucks.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Even though I replanted all my tulips to the backyard I am still
seeing what looks like tulip leaves sprouting out front.
Deer. Meh.

Product of all the "big" snowstorms we've been expecting.

If the snow doesn't get ya the scooters will!

I know it is March, but I don't do much with St. Patrick's Day
so it will stay Valentines around here for a while I guess.

This is one of my new Amaryllis bulbs. I got two this year from a friend who does wholesale type internet sales. Apparently her stock of bulbs for Mother's Day was already sprouting so she sold them for Valentines at cost.

Yesterday I tried this recipe I found on Pinterest.
I recommend eating them while the marshmallows are still soft & gooey. Yummy!
Thought the cinnamon might be weird but it was perfect.

We've been practicing calling Charlie other names in case we name the baby Charles
(which we probably won't, but we have fun messing with the dog.)
He responds quite well to "Francis."
Hee hee!