Friday, March 2, 2012


Even though I replanted all my tulips to the backyard I am still
seeing what looks like tulip leaves sprouting out front.
Deer. Meh.

Product of all the "big" snowstorms we've been expecting.

If the snow doesn't get ya the scooters will!

I know it is March, but I don't do much with St. Patrick's Day
so it will stay Valentines around here for a while I guess.

This is one of my new Amaryllis bulbs. I got two this year from a friend who does wholesale type internet sales. Apparently her stock of bulbs for Mother's Day was already sprouting so she sold them for Valentines at cost.

Yesterday I tried this recipe I found on Pinterest.
I recommend eating them while the marshmallows are still soft & gooey. Yummy!
Thought the cinnamon might be weird but it was perfect.

We've been practicing calling Charlie other names in case we name the baby Charles
(which we probably won't, but we have fun messing with the dog.)
He responds quite well to "Francis."
Hee hee!

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