Monday, April 23, 2012

Dang it.

Went to my OBGYN on Friday and he thought they should just x-ray the foot. I told him I'd give it a few more days and see if it was feeling any better. This morning my foot was hurting and I just couldn't decide if it was any better or worse off than it was a week ago.

Pain is so relative. I've had four children naturally and I've had various other aches and pains in my life and I can honestly say that outside of the first hour or so after I first injured myself this hasn't been some terribly painful thing. It hurts enough to make it hard to walk on. Sometimes it hurts pretty good, like when I've been laying down and I get up. People that have torn tendons in their foot say it is very painful, so I just wasn't sure what to think.

Today to put my mind at ease I finally just called the doctor that first saw my foot a week ago. They x-rayed it. I sat there in the office looking at the clock and thinking, heh, this is going pretty fast. I bet I'll be able to pick up the kids after all. Then the doctor comes in looking sheepish and tells me he feels bad they didn't x-ray it before, cause guess what? Totally broken. Like in half. He said worse case scenario I may be looking at surgery in the future. I swear I was almost speechless.

Turns out the reason I've been able to walk on it is because it isn't the weight-bearing bone. It's the fibula, and ironically the break is the exact place I pointed to when I initially went in and said, "IT HURTS RIGHT HERE."

He put a giant boot that feels like it weighs 50 lbs. on my already swollen and heavy body and when he said crutches only for the next few weeks I kind of wanted to cry.
Course I laughed instead.

I'm so grateful the tax season is over and I have a child who can drive.
And that I did this before I had a baby.

I'll just sit here watching the weeds I haven't been able to pull yet grow outside my window and my stomach moving around with little kicks. No drama for baby boy--he seems to be happy as a clam in there.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moving on into the not-so-small phase

6 months, two weeks
 I've been really dreading buying more maternity clothes. Seems like such a waste when I'm going to be wearing them for such a short amount of time, but by Easter Sunday I knew I couldn't go one more Sunday with no maternity dresses. I'd tried to look some online but couldn't make a decision on anything until I had tried it on so yesterday Sarah went with me while I made my way into the mall on crutches.

An obscene amount of money later I now have two skirts, two dresses, several shirts, a pair of capri cargos, a nursing pj set for post baby, and a bathing suit.
Oh, and maternity nylons--finally!
Feels really good to have some cute stuff to wear.

Bruising on my foot has now moved to my toes. 
Makes me look like I have dirty feet doesn't it?
This was also the foot I sunburned in Newport Beach and so it looks all dried up too,
not so cute.

Sarah makes it look better:)

Friday, April 20, 2012

John turns eight

The anticipated day has arrived!

 Wishing . . .

and then blowing.

John got a remote control helicopter, which he is pretty into.

I had to break it to John on Monday that there was just no way I was going to be doing a friend party. 
I mean, literally no way. John was not impressed but he got over it.
The main event was Peter and I taking him to Walmart today where he picked out a new bike and helmet. My foot seems to be feeling worse the last couple of days and my friend suggested I ride around in one of those electric carts, which I hadn't even thought of, but worked out great--though I felt pretty silly riding along behind Peter and John. 
This foot thing is so ridiculous.

John went for a bike ride with dad and I stayed home and baked the cake. He wanted hot dogs for dinner and since we don't do that often we all thought they were quite yummy.

Cinco de Mayo also happens to be the day John is getting baptized. We are very excited!

More Spring!

Tree in the backyard is really beautiful when it blooms.

First year of tulips in the backyard.

Front flower beds (complete with several days of newspapers!)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wherein the girl from Utah travels to California to fall in the snow

People find it hard to believe we come from a place in California that has snow. Especially when we tell them we lived about 45 from Bakersfield. But really the weather in Tehachapi is a lot like Utah's weather. One day it can be sunny and the next we can get snow, which we did on Friday.

We were watching the quails, my most favorite bird, from Grandma and Grandpa's kitchen and I snapped a couple of pictures through the window:

On Saturday I got up and got ready to start packing. Gratefully I had at least showered and put on my clothes because I wandered out the back slider to eyeball the snow shovel. I took a few steps, realized I was wearing flip flops, and turned back to go into the house and change my shoes when I slid on the ice that had built up underneath the snow. I distinctly heard a snapping sound in there and knew this was not good.

Sarah got this picture right after it happened and you can see where the pain was right in that ankle bone area as it started swelling immediately:

For the first 45 minutes I was really in pain. I was pretty sure I was going to die when we put the frozen green beans on it. Peter started getting ready to run me down to Tehachapi Hospital, which is very small, and not where I wanted to go. Not to mention the unknown cost. So Peter called a nurse friend in our ward who said ice it, keep it elevated, and take Tylenol every four hours. There may not even be anything they can do for it anyway.

Blessings of blessings the pain started to subside and Paul and Megan came over with Natalie so I got to hold her one more time before we left.

Peter and his dad gave me a blessing and then he and Paul carried me out to the car. I kept saying, "This is so stupid." As if that was going to change anything.
I rode back to Utah in the back of our van with my foot propped up in the middle by a suitcase. I felt like an idiot going into bathrooms along the way being half carried by my husband and children. When you're six months pregnant there just isn't much choice.

The ride went mostly fine but not being able to walk around when we stopped really made me restless. We hit some snow and rain after St George and were significantly slowed down by this. I thought I'd die of claustrophibia those last two hours in the back of that van. We made it home right around 1am. I was in a delirium of happiness to ease myself into my bed.

Peter almost didn't come on this trip. Can you imagine? I feel bad he had to drive the whole way home but SO glad he was there!

My Visiting Teacher took me to the doctor on Monday morning. My foot was then swollen way up. He wanted to x-ray it but we opted not to due to potential risk to baby. He said in this case the difference between a break and a sprain was a soft brace verses a hard boot. We opted to treat it as a sprain. I'll probably never know if I actually broke anything in there.

This morning:

Swelling down some today but now bruising starting to show up.

Funny thing is Rebecca told one girl at church and suddenly we had people calling saying they had heard I had not only broken my leg, but that there was a bone sticking out. What?? No broken legs! No bones sticking out!

Sarah asked me if I've ever seen a pregnant person on crutches. I can't say I have, though I'm sure it has happened to many an unbalanced expectant mom.

I hobble around pretty good but my kitchen mostly looks like this.

Oh well.

Nathaniel is driving for me right now-- taking kids to school, picking up from track, and going to the store. Of course it was my right foot. I feel really stupid for walking into the snow in my flip flops but I guess we all make bad decisions once in a while. Ironically the only thing that fits on my foot is now a flip flop.

Now since I'm trapped in my house I think I'll do the only logical thing-- limp up the stairs and take a nap.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Newport Day #2 Balboa Island

Island Beach houses are gorgeous.

Nathaniel, John & I went to this frozen banana place twice!

Riding the ferry

Newport Beach 1st day

Made the trek to Newport again this year.
Amber and kids came with and we had a lot of fun.


Nathaniel cracking me up.

"I'm cold mom."

Heidi was very contented at the beach.

Spring Break Easter Egg Hunt 2012

I think this might be Nathaniel's attempt at a smile.

Gorgeous day outside!

Mostly we just fought over holding the newest member of the family, Natalie Rose Eisenzimmer, who is a month old.

Love that I finally get a decent picture of Nathaniel and Rebecca is doing this in the background.

All the girl cousins!