Sunday, April 22, 2012

Moving on into the not-so-small phase

6 months, two weeks
 I've been really dreading buying more maternity clothes. Seems like such a waste when I'm going to be wearing them for such a short amount of time, but by Easter Sunday I knew I couldn't go one more Sunday with no maternity dresses. I'd tried to look some online but couldn't make a decision on anything until I had tried it on so yesterday Sarah went with me while I made my way into the mall on crutches.

An obscene amount of money later I now have two skirts, two dresses, several shirts, a pair of capri cargos, a nursing pj set for post baby, and a bathing suit.
Oh, and maternity nylons--finally!
Feels really good to have some cute stuff to wear.

Bruising on my foot has now moved to my toes. 
Makes me look like I have dirty feet doesn't it?
This was also the foot I sunburned in Newport Beach and so it looks all dried up too,
not so cute.

Sarah makes it look better:)

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Sally said...

Hey! You are looking pregnant! Glad you foot is getting better, I hope it heals quickly so you can waddle like you're supposed to. Really, I'm feeling beyond sorry for you and praying you always! Love you April!