Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Hey, I'm Will. Today I'd like to talk to you about my daddy.

My daddy is funny.

And he plays with me.
I am waaay into my daddy. Sometimes I tell mom "take a hike--I wanna be with dad!" In a manner of speaking of course. Like when she says, "Say ma! ma! ma!" Then I say "da! da! da!" and head right on outta there to look for him.

Then dad lets me put my fingers in his mouth.
Might not sound like much, but do you know where my fingers have been?

Maybe I'll grow up to be a dentist and save my parents lots of money.

Then, comes the tickling!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


(Sometime before) 
"Peter. Don't give Will rice. He'll make a mess."
He says he doesn't remember hearing me say that.
Now hear this: Next time you can clean it up.


4:20 am
My pioneers leave for trek. 
Sarah didn't let me take a picture.

Nathaniel & Mason

We all laughed and laughed about Mason's tiny hat. Turns out a lot of people had that same hat.
From this experience I now know a lot more about our pioneer ancestors. Like how their houses are within a few miles of me and how they were of the first six families in England to take in the missionaries and learn of the gospel from Willard Richards.
I can never get enough pioneer stories. Love those people.

Gardening and moving on

We have never planted lettuce before. Never grown plants from seeds. 
So we exercised some faith in our little seeds and planted them:
Behold: The Sea of Lettuce
We ate salads every night. Didn't even make a dent.

Meanwhile as I walked past our old house yesterday I see they have torn out the entire front beds.

Remember these? Filled with all perennials and bulbs? Guess it may all be going back to grass. I thought I'd care more. I have a sick thought that they should just go ahead and tear up everything because it just makes it easier for me to move on.

And moving on, here are my two favorite pictures I've taken of flowers in our current yard:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dillon Colorado

Went to Dillon, Colorado a couple of weeks ago thanks to a generous offer by my parents. We stayed in a little condo there and played games, hiked, swam, watched TV, worked puzzles, and did a lot of unsuccessful fishing. Of course, because we are cursed when it comes to fishing as a family.

The photobomb.

Funny thing is even though my teens are completely confusing and frustrating to me
they seem to have quite an understanding with each other.
As in: I don't speak Teen.
Don't understand the lingo, cannot fathom for the life of all that is good why someone finds any entertainment in Adventure Time or The Regular Show. Why they know all things going on and I'm just sitting there with a look of shock at some of the things I see or hear. "Mom, you're so out of it. We see it all the time."
More looks of shock. More mumblings of confusion. More blank staring.
I should just go crawl under a rock and make it official cause you know what? I really don't want to know all these things. I prefer to live in my Pollyanna-Heidi bubble of ignorance.
Ahh, ignorance is bliss.
Now these guys, are my bliss: 

Especially when John is on caffeine.That, due to his strange biology, makes him calmer.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Saturday afternoon

Trip to California

 Went to California right after school to visit family in Tehachapi. Didn't bring my good camera because we were trying to travel light and ended up taking almost no pictures. Meh.

Will spent 22 hours in his carseat in that week. He did very well considering. 

 In the hotel tub. Beings that I'm on the OCD side of things I don't like staying in hotels.

The one picture I have of Sarah's birthday. I let Rebecca be in charge of the camera.

Here we are on the way home stopping in St George. 
I don't know who took this picture but I sure look like I'm having fun.

I decided I need this colander on the wall at the Pasta Factory. I'll have company and make spaghetti and go about using it as if everyone has a giant colander like this in their kitchen:)

Sarah's last-day-of-school-party

 On the last day of school we had a BBQ in the backyard for some of Sarah's friends. 

They played games until late into the night-- including one where they threw a ball back and forth over the house. As you can see, they had a ridiculous amount of fun.

John dunks Rebecca at school field day

 Just look at this mischevious look on his face.

 Waiting anxiously . . .

 See the splash? He dunked her in one shot!