Thursday, May 29, 2008

April hits her wall

Today marks day 11 since starting with our trainer. I hit my wall today. I feel emotionally exhausted and despondent. I want some homemade cookies and milk. I cried to Peter on the phone that this was too hard and he said to eat some toast. I really don't want toast. I want to lay in bed.

On the more positive side (at least for the kids) today is the last day of school and Sarah is ten-years-old today! She is having four girlfriends for a sleep-over with a dance competition, hot dogs and Doritos, manicures and pedicures, and movies and candy. Then they can get up and eat as much Lucky Charms as they want. I thought about doing pancakes or something but decided that was too much work and she'd probably rather have something we don't normally let them have. 
Happy Birthday Sarah!
Some facts about my Sarah: She loves taking pictures. She is always taking pics of herself or others and making movies with them on our computer. She is our most outgoing athlete. She has done swim team, softball, dance and gymnastics. She loves to try new things. She is the only child who lets me crack her toes. She is our most dramatic and likes to talk for long periods of time on the phone already:( She makes friends easily and is very observant (ie NOSEY!)  Listening in on conversations is a hobby. Watch what you say around Sarah because she won't forget! But her memory is very handy when someone looses something because she always knows where they left it. Her favorite colors are pink and brown. She loves clothes and shoes and her cousins. Earrings are a favorite item as well as purses. She is a fruit/vegetable girl and really not a picky eater. She loves to sing and listen to music and is in her 4th year of piano. Very tender-hearted, loving, and cuddly. WE LOVE YOU SARAH!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Peter comes home to reality

Peter came home a little early from his gun training camp and we started our three day "cleanse" diet of strictly fruits and veggies. (yes friends, no nuts or beans either) He was pretty sure he was going to die yesterday when I made the kids tacos for dinner. Then we went to my grandpa's house for a Memorial Day celebration of homeade ice cream and rhubarb cake. Peter and I ate fruit salad I brought. I want carbs and he wants protein so I don't think we cared a whole lot about the dessert. We are daydreaming about chicken breast and toast so that's pretty sad. We truly empathize with those of our families who have spent time at the institute where the food we are eating looked incredible. 
So today he came home and I asked him how his first training session went and he said, "hard." Duh. Apparently he asked Michael how often we do this cleansing thing and Michael said once a month. I told Peter that was a stupid thing to ask. Maybe he never would have said if someone hadn't asked.
In the meantime we are passing our time watching the food channel.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Here's to getting fit!

Meet our new personal trainer at I am one week in and I think he might kill me. Peter hasn't started yet because he is out of town and thinks it's funny. Though I think Peter may actually enjoy pain--sick freak. No doubt I will be posting my agony as the weeks go by. We have to email him everything we eat and I meet with him for two dreaded days a week in addition to a 5am class at Golds he teaches and yoga 2x a week plus more cardio. I counted it up and I am working out one way or another 11 times a week, though my first week I only did 9 on account of my inability to move my crippled body. 

Saturday, May 24, 2008

April tries her hand at blogging

Here I am. What am I supposed to say? Here goes nothing.
So yesterday I left to pick up kids from school and John is acting weird and I hear a faint mewing. I see my cat in the garage so assume that is the perp. We get to the school and John announces that he put the cat in the freezer. We wait for Rebecca and Sarah and then bust a move back to the house where the other cat is indeed in the freezer. A little cold, but none the worse for wear apparently.
Needless to say, John is grounded from the cat.

Nathaniel had his 6th grade graduation on Thursday and they did a program with actual dancing with girls (gross). It was really cute actually. They called each child up for their elementary "graduation" certificate and announced a person they admired and why and where they wanted to be in 20 years. There were some really inspirational things written by a lot of kids. Some of them really seemed to have incredible direction and focus in their lives already. "I want to be a social worker, to teach people all the incredible things I have learned from my single mom." "I am planning to be an inventor, to change the way that energy is used throughout the world to make people's lives better." I was highly anticipating Nathaniel's prediction of his life in 20 years. It went something like this--"Nathaniel Mitchell: His heroes are his teachers because he admires them and has learned a lot from them." (So this is good I think--could have been his parents, but that might be pressing my luck.) "In 20 years he wants to be rich."
We are failures as parents.