Saturday, May 24, 2008

April tries her hand at blogging

Here I am. What am I supposed to say? Here goes nothing.
So yesterday I left to pick up kids from school and John is acting weird and I hear a faint mewing. I see my cat in the garage so assume that is the perp. We get to the school and John announces that he put the cat in the freezer. We wait for Rebecca and Sarah and then bust a move back to the house where the other cat is indeed in the freezer. A little cold, but none the worse for wear apparently.
Needless to say, John is grounded from the cat.

Nathaniel had his 6th grade graduation on Thursday and they did a program with actual dancing with girls (gross). It was really cute actually. They called each child up for their elementary "graduation" certificate and announced a person they admired and why and where they wanted to be in 20 years. There were some really inspirational things written by a lot of kids. Some of them really seemed to have incredible direction and focus in their lives already. "I want to be a social worker, to teach people all the incredible things I have learned from my single mom." "I am planning to be an inventor, to change the way that energy is used throughout the world to make people's lives better." I was highly anticipating Nathaniel's prediction of his life in 20 years. It went something like this--"Nathaniel Mitchell: His heroes are his teachers because he admires them and has learned a lot from them." (So this is good I think--could have been his parents, but that might be pressing my luck.) "In 20 years he wants to be rich."
We are failures as parents.


Bonnie said...

Your blog rocks!! I love the story about the poor cat!! I'll bet that cat gives a wide berth to the fridge!!
ok is peter bald? when did i miss this?? has it been that long since I saw you last??

RaEStoCo said...

Hi April, it's Rachel. Nathaniel wants to be rich, huh? Who doesn't? That really made me laugh.