Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Peter comes home to reality

Peter came home a little early from his gun training camp and we started our three day "cleanse" diet of strictly fruits and veggies. (yes friends, no nuts or beans either) He was pretty sure he was going to die yesterday when I made the kids tacos for dinner. Then we went to my grandpa's house for a Memorial Day celebration of homeade ice cream and rhubarb cake. Peter and I ate fruit salad I brought. I want carbs and he wants protein so I don't think we cared a whole lot about the dessert. We are daydreaming about chicken breast and toast so that's pretty sad. We truly empathize with those of our families who have spent time at the institute where the food we are eating looked incredible. 
So today he came home and I asked him how his first training session went and he said, "hard." Duh. Apparently he asked Michael how often we do this cleansing thing and Michael said once a month. I told Peter that was a stupid thing to ask. Maybe he never would have said if someone hadn't asked.
In the meantime we are passing our time watching the food channel.


Sally said...

Hey April, good job on the blogging thing! I was very impressed with you and Peter on Memorial Day! You stuck with the fruit while I had three bowls of the yummy ice cream!

Bonnie said...

EWW! You let me know if that works, and I will "think" about trying it. and think and think and never try, but still I am curious!