Friday, April 20, 2012

John turns eight

The anticipated day has arrived!

 Wishing . . .

and then blowing.

John got a remote control helicopter, which he is pretty into.

I had to break it to John on Monday that there was just no way I was going to be doing a friend party. 
I mean, literally no way. John was not impressed but he got over it.
The main event was Peter and I taking him to Walmart today where he picked out a new bike and helmet. My foot seems to be feeling worse the last couple of days and my friend suggested I ride around in one of those electric carts, which I hadn't even thought of, but worked out great--though I felt pretty silly riding along behind Peter and John. 
This foot thing is so ridiculous.

John went for a bike ride with dad and I stayed home and baked the cake. He wanted hot dogs for dinner and since we don't do that often we all thought they were quite yummy.

Cinco de Mayo also happens to be the day John is getting baptized. We are very excited!

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