Sunday, March 11, 2012

Disney on Ice

I can now officially say I've been to a Disney on Ice. Toy Story 3 was coming to Salt Lake and I had talked to Rebecca and John about it but hadn't made any definitive plans. I was in John's class on Thursday when some kids started talking about how they were going this weekend and the teacher asked for a raise of hands of those going and John's was enthusiastically waving and I was thinking, oh Nellie, I'd better get on this one asap.

This is what we affectionally refer to as John's $18 foam Woody hat. Everyone within earshot knows how much we paid for this hat because it is ridiculous. The venders are shameless about guilting parents into buying toys marked up 400% or more. When I handed the guy my twenty I thought the price was ten bucks. Turns out had read the "8" as a "0."

I'm glad we went-- it was an experience. The show was a little long for us and John was ready to go by intermission but I made him stick it out. The skaters were very good and we actually had pretty decent seats but we can only handle so much skating and singing in this family I guess.

Skating must be extremely effective in keeping a person in shape because they all looked very fit. I can only imagine what kind of calorie expenditure they go through doing two shows a day like they had to do on Saturday. Baby was quite active during the whole show as well I think because it was so loud and maybe he had a sugar high because I drank some Sprite.

Afterwards I took the kids to feed our leftover popcorn to the ducks at Liberty Park. It was a really gorgeous day outside.

Cute picture of Rebecca-- too bad it was overexposed. Guess I can try to tweak it.

I sat there for a while with the sun pummeling my scalp and finally decided to forget dignity and put on John's Woody hat. Gotta get something for my eighteen bucks.

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