Friday, June 27, 2008

Day in the Park

Lily has been visiting this week. She was only supposed to be here for three nights but with my incredible sweet-talkin' I got her mom to let her stay another week. After spending the whole day stuck at home in front of the TV yesterday while I took the kids swimming, she may be second guessing her decision. It isn't exactly excitement-city around here.
But anyway, Lily and I have been playing a bit (we have hit the malls pretty good around here--Lily is a world-class shopper). We have been surfing the internet for YouTube videos of things we are not disclosing at this time(: One of the big priorities was to watch "PS I love You". This is Lily's favorite movie of the month and though I hadn't seen it I knew I was in for an emotional ride and watched it with her and a box of kleenex. We totally bawled. It was a true time of sisterly bonding. My favorite part was the karaoke scene. Don't worry, if you haven't seen it I won't spoil it-- but it was AWESOME! I cried the hardest when she had the fling with the guy in Ireland because I couldn't stand that she was in the arms of anyone else. Lily is going to marry an Irish guy--we decided it doesn't even matter what he looks like as long as he has that incredible accent!!!!! (What can I say? We girls are pathetic and shallow sometimes too.)
I got to find out some interesting facts about Lily, most of which she would not allow me to share, but I will have to share how hilarious it is that she has stopped going to church dances because this really short guy with a hat is always stalking her and won't let anyone else dance with her (been there, done that). But the best part was when he cornered her in a dance and asked her to Prom with a giant hershey kiss and a dozen red roses. She gave the "I'll have to check my schedule" excuse. Poor short little man. Is that the Twilight Zone music I hear in the background?
We have painted our nails, have new dress-up clothes, ate forbidden frozen custard, kicked our butts with some yoga, and have some juicy secrets of the divine ya ya sisterhood now.

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