Friday, June 13, 2008

Don't worry Dad, you're still young at heart (:

Today is Dad's 55th birthday! This is the last time he visited in May of this year with Linda, his wife of 5 years now! Linda is head of the language dept. at Santa Rosa College and sometimes takes students on travels where Spanish is spoken. Dad is on disability retirement due to MS and spends as much time as he can doing things he loves (which in all reality, isn't much time). Since he and Linda have been married they have been to Costa Rica twice, Mexico, Ireland, England, at least 2 Mediterranean cruises (I can't keep up), Hawaii, Brazil, Egypt and I really don't know where all. Dad likes alternative energy, anything outdoors, eating exotic food, watching British mystery series, action movies, peanut butter and chocolate (or any combination including them) hippie music, and dreams of working to help the environment. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

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Sally said...

Hippie music? I think I need a definition... or examples? Seems to me we liked the same kind of music and I don't think of it as hippie music. :)