Saturday, November 1, 2008


Exhibit A: My husband is really a goofball.
He is also a sourpuss when it comes to Halloween and thinks it is a lousy pagan holiday. It is dangerous for kids and good for dentists, bla bla bla. 
"Every party has a pooper..."
I try to make Peter feel guilty by telling him that Halloween was my mom's favorite holiday, and since she's gone, we should be celebrating it in her memory. That usually does the trick. 
Thanks, mom.

Batman clutching his candy to his bosom in a token of love.

We went trick-or-treating down Mainstreet where they have vendors from all over town pass out candy to the kids and coupons to the moms. Great PR and kids love it.

I told this guy he was lookin' sexy and Sarah scolded me for embarrasing her.
Well, he was hot, after all. I dreamt about entangling my fingers in his fro all night long.
Hubba hubba!!

There was a long line of people all up and down Mainstreet. I noticed a significant bottleneck at the nursing home, where they had lined up residents and were letting them pass out the candy.
Very cute idea, I thought.
I did take note of how Halloween is an excuse for women to dress up like whores. 
Very tasteful, especially in broad daylight.

Sarah the gypsie. She and 7 other girls in the ward all decided to dress up as the same thing together.

Rebecca and best friends Cadie and Alecia. I think Rebecca was a vampire.
Nathaniel and good friend Mason. Mason is a swimmer and went as Michael Phelps. I thought it was very creative! I'm not sure what Nathaniel is, maybe the chain saw massacre guy?

Just before I left for my night class on Thursday I came into the bathroom to find Nathaniel doing this. What did I do?
A. Accuse him of watching "Silence of the Lambs"
B. Congratulate him on his creativity and talent
C. Tell him he'd better clean up the bathroom after he is done
D. Advise him to put some straws up his nose so he can breath when it dries
E. Laugh at the hair band

Enter your vote and let me know(:


Meg said...

All of the above! Wow, fro boy was a looker!

Amy said...

Laugh at the hair band.

Bonnie said...

I'm sorry to be unoriginal but I am also going to vote for all three, i would try to not laugh first, but my guess is a snort would come out while telling him it's so creative, another giggle/snort while asking him to clean up while looking at the headband, and then try to not fall on the floor while asking him how he plans on breathing!

Annie said...

You are quite the mom, April! My guess is that you would advise him to use the straws and hope he doesn't do the mummy thing when he removes them - brains, please. That would be the practical April. Great looking family!

Raven said...

hahahaha... i LOVE your blog, April. Never stop.