Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rafting in Oregon

Our last stop in Oregon was Maupin, where we went river rafting. It was a highlight of our trip. Nathaniel and Rebecca took turns "riding the bull" and we all had a good laugh when we piled into the back of the boat to watch Rebecca hold on for dear life as the weight in the back shot her around in the air up front.
The place we stayed was very nice but also full of party hungry guides playing volleyball outside in their barely-there attire. I became uncomfortable when John made friends with a group of tattooed, drinking, smoking, crude-talking folks. John kept sitting on this one woman's lap and telling her she shouldn't be smoking "because you will die." To her credit she didn't disagree.

Even before we started rafting I can see how worn out we look at the end of this vacation.


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