Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happenings in the last month

We said goodbye to summer, and thus goodbye to all the mornings I would get up and there were already 2-5 neighborhood kids in the kitchen eating breakfast.

I finally had my Grandma Tracy's diamond put into my ring. It cost me all of $225 and I don't know why I didn't just do it a long time ago. It looks really nice.

Daniel came to visit!
Oh, yea, and Megan and Paul came too.
But whatever...

Nathaniel got braces the 2nd day of school. When I tried to get him to eat something the morning after he refused.
"Mom. I don't even want to drink anything."
I ran to the neighbors and borrowed some ice cream to made him a shake.
Peter and I never had braces and we know almost nothing about them.
Evidently they are not that much fun.
See, this is why they put the bar codes on the actual soccer balls and not on the box.

Sarah got glasses.
They are very cute, she wears them all the time, and now she doesn't get so nearly so many headaches!

Daniel is helping Peter make some phone calls.

The kids started school the day Megan and Paul left.
Nathaniel in 9th, Sarah in 7th, and Rebecca in 4th.
Then a week later, on August 31st, John started Kindergarten...

John has an awesome teacher.
Yesterday Nathaniel told John to get used to homework, he has another 16 years to go.

I made a baby blanket for a girl I visit teach. Her daughter's name is Emma.

All the kids started soccer, but then we ended up taking John out.
He was excited for the first practice, not so much for the 2nd, and then cried the whole way through their first game that he wanted to go home.

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Meg said...

Lovely ring, what a neat keepsake! Poor Nathaniel, been there done that, it sucks having braces. Sarah's glasses are way cute. I have to comment on the ADORABLE baby!!! What a beautiful face he has! I imagine he gets lots of love and kisses! :)