Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FHE outdoor movie

Last night we Peter set up the projector so we could watch a movie outside.
I thought it was fun.

The kids thought it was cold.
We did have a fire, which I kept worrying was going to throw a
spark on the screen and burn a hole through it,
but all went fine and we had smores.

We watched a movie from the new set of videos put out by the church on early church history. We wanted to watch the Joseph Smith one but it was clear we didn't have enough time so we watched the one on John Tanner.
The story was new to us and was really touching.
It reminded me how blessed we are to live in this time of plenty, and that I should be more willing to do give service in the church with a cheerful heart.
(i.e. no complaining!)
I'm working on that one.

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