Monday, October 17, 2011

Cornbelly's 2011

We did Cornbelly's a couple of weeks ago on a discount my friend Michelle told me about one day when we were on the phone. I thought she called the country station where you had to go to get the discount online "cable" but after some quality time in front of my computer I finally figured out it was KBull.
Apparently I don't listen to enough country music.

We had In-and-Out for dinner on the way in last year so we decided to make it a tradition and went back this year. Thanksgiving Point never fails to impress. They had so many new things this year! We were there for three hours and still never even hit the corn maze.

My favorite part was watching Peter ride the bull.

This year there were a dozen or so new wooden structures for kids to play on. A tractor, a pirate ship, a car--I can't even remember what all.

Rebecca brought her friend Brooke but they got into trouble:)

There were so many pregnant ladies and babies there! We saw one family with a custom design trio stroller. One, two, three babies! They had two older boys and then I guess they got triplets. Two more boys and then one little girl. Oh and was she cute!
I think that family was a show all in itself. When I mentioned to the dad that their lives must be pretty ruled by a schedule he said they have it down to the minute and they rarely deviate. It's the only way they make it work. I was glad not to be going home with them!

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