Saturday, November 5, 2011

Snow on Autumn leaves

John's little snowman:)
Note the pattern in the snow of him pushing the ball around.

Poor Yuuki missed out on the snow. I think he would have been into it.
I don't mind the winter but would still prefer to enjoy my fall before the snow horns in.
Driving on slushy roads as the leaves blow just isn't the same.

Peter doesn't like the winter at all. In fact he seems to dread it more every year.
I wonder if we'll be able to stay in this great state of Utah for long with him suffering all winter from cold and lack of sunlight.

I recently bought him this light from Costco that is supposed to to be helpful for this and he turns it on every morning while he reads his scriptures or works at the kitchen table.
It's rather cute, don't you think?

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