Saturday, January 14, 2012

Snow finally

This winter has been unusually dry here in Utah but we finally got our first decent snow last Saturday. Nathaniel got a snowboard for Christmas and hasn't been able to use it yet. I prodded Peter into taking the kids sledding and we got John and Rebecca all suited up only to get there and find that the place was closed. Peter was not pleased.

However John did get some good snow play in and built a snowman with some friends in the front yard. Our neighbors across the street built three and we have been amusing ourselves over here with watching them lean a little farther every day as they melt.

Took this picture of them on Wednesday. Gotta love the little one in the middle.

Then this one here was Friday. Today that one on the left is leaning so far down the scarf is touching the ground. We have joked about setting up chairs in their front yard to catch the moment one finally goes. (We're hard up for amusement around here.)

And lastly here is a picture Sarah took of the sunset the other night.

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