Wednesday, May 9, 2012

John gets baptized

 John's Baptism Day
May 5th 2012

John's big day went on without a hitch. We were worried about how he was going to do because Thursday night he was stung by a bee on his ear and that whole right side of his face was swollen up all the way down his neck. You can still see it some in these pictures but by this time it was lots better.

Nathaniel bowed out of baptizing him. He said he didn't want to be responsible for John's eternal salvation but we know the whole idea ended up making him nervous. He was baptized with his friend Steven Merrell, who had about 35 family members there! We had three. My Grandpa Johnson, my Aunt Sally, and cousin Allison. It was very nice of them to come and we appreciated it!

They set us up in the chapel, which I didn't expect at all. I think it threw us all off some as it felt much more formal when we were all expecting to be in the Relief Society room or something. I wasn't able to get a picture of Peter and John in their white jumpsuits, which was disappointing, but apparently the stake took one so we'll get a copy of that.

I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost and Sarah and I did a piano/flute duet of "Baptism" in the primary book. That was my debut flute playing in this ward. The baptism itself went just fine and John got to be wrapped in a white towel embroidered with his name and baptism date by his primary teacher Sis. Averett. I thought that was very nice and now he has that keepsake.

We went home to dine on taco salad and the kids immediately spotted something different in the yard. A ceramic bust had suddenly appeared in the back garden and my first thought was, oh no, John has swiped something else from the neighbors. But it turned out to be a little joke of my cousin Allison, who is about to graduate with her degree in Art from BYU. It's a sculpture of herself with the countries she has visited on the back of the head. I think it is very well done and love the colors.

 Goes perfectly with my kitchen backsplash doesn't it?

We planted it back in the backyard and I love it:)

Friday I gave up the crutches & scooter. I have a callus on my knee thanks to this thing and I was absolutely just done with the whole thing. I wanted to clean my house and get ready for John's big day so I started walking on it about 3 days earlier than doctor's orders. The whole thing was just getting depressing! Ahhh, freedom.

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Sally said...

You're right! It does look great in your kitchen! But, I think your yard is a better place for it! Congratulations, once again, to John!