Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break

Took the kids to the zoo on Tuesday. Went ahead and bought a membership because I like the zoo and it was a good deal. Now we can go anytime. 
I'm impressed with the Hogle Zoo. There is some really good displays and you can see the animals much closer than I remember being able to see when I was growing up going to the San Francisco Zoo and even the San Diego-- though they've changed a lot there since I was a kid. 

Still weird to me that I can see the "This is the Place" monument from the elephants. 
Haven't been there since college. I should go again.

After the zoo we went to the best chinese place we've found here in Utah, The New Golden Dragon. Having lived in the Bay Area growing up I'm a little spoiled with chinese food.

This was the most exciting thing we did over spring break, which is just how I wanted it. I ran into Rebecca's old teacher at a store the other day and she asked me about our plans for our week off. I told her it involved movies and candy and sleeping in.

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