Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Came home sometime last week to this:

What can I say? Brownie points for John? You bet!

 On the other hand, this is what I look like to him according to his Mother's Day card he drew at school:


For fun the teacher has them do some estimations about their moms. The good news is that John thinks I only weigh 80 pounds. Which is fine if he's talking about the left half of my body:)
The bad news is that he thinks I'm 50 years old. 
Nothing against 50-year-olds, but you know.

I spent the first half of Mother's Day weekend in St. George with Amber where we did lots of shopping. I should say more looking than buying but it was lots of fun. We went for walks, ate at the Pasta Factory, and Will and I took a few dips in the hot tub.

Funny story: Noticed some squeaking along the drive home-- thought oh, no, not another squeaky car to fix. After the car was parked at home and the squeaking continued we thought there was a bird stuck under the car. Rebecca put her head under and ran away screaming, "A rat! A rat!!"
I didn't want it dead and wreaking under the car in a week so I had the man of the house come out to see if he could get it out of there. The whole neighborhood was probably wondering why the whole Mitchell house was outside peering under the car. 
After positioning a mirror just so it turned out to be a really mad squirrel. All we could see was its face bearing its teeth. It was enough to give us all the willies. Peter pulled back some metal and I said lets just give it some privacy to find the opening and sometime later Peter saw it take off.
It was the most entertainment we had in a while.

Behold: Mother's Day morning. 
When I see these things it gets me both excited and stressed--what could it be and how much did he spend. It was a Blend Tec blender. Peter said it was a late birthday/Mother's Day gift. I really like it. Actually, we all really like it. Smoothies are an everyday affair now.
Peter, you did good.

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