Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Girls Camp

Earlier this year Peter suggested it might be a good idea for me to go to Girl's Camp for a couple of days because it was Sarah's last year and thus my last chance to be up there with both my girls. I called my dear friend Michelle, our stake camp director, who told me they didn't really have staff that just came for a few days. I said ok and left it at that and then there was some sort of mix-up and a couple of months later I got an email with my name on it as one of the cabin mothers. It's only four nights and Peter said go for it so off I went with the girls the Monday after school let out.

For the record, do you have any idea how much crap you have to bring as a cabin mom? Then add the girl's stuff on top of it and this pile is the result:
Now picture me coming home to three boys being left to their own devices all week. I can not fathom being in charge of this event but imagine it can't be a relaxing affair. (Poor, poor Michelle.)

On the bus with Brenda, the greatest gal ever to co-cabin mom with.
She's hilarious. What my grandma would call "a kick in the pants."
She was the best cabin mother and we really did have the best cabin. Everyone got along and everyone was great. I was somewhat less than best and would slough the stuff I didn't have to be at and opted against flag & breakfast on Wednesday in favor of sleep. She was a trooper and went to everything.

Our cabin

Sarah on the zip line
Brenda is brave and adventurous and did the Challenge Course. I however, did not. My excuse? Nobody asked me to:) I did agree to go with her on a very tame looking paddle boat in which she managed to almost sink us as we attempted to disembark. Just as she was standing up the boat rocked and she ended up splayed over my lap as the boat listed to the right and began to take on water. After being lectured repeatedly about the big fuss that is made if a boat tips over I am frantically trying to keep her and the boat from going under. (I was laughing too hard to do a whole lot else.) I'm sitting in water up to my waist and the girls are standing on the dock just watching it all unfold and I'm like, "Can somebody stop gawking and help us?"

Turns out somebody was doing something because there was a man there with his long range lens just snapping pictures of the whole thing. Have yet to see those.

The skits were crazy hilarious and Rebecca played a very feisty Peter Pan complete with a lengthy fight scene against Captain Hook:

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