Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Week #2

So Dad left on Tuesday and Jay and Mel have stayed with their kids. It was nice they were able to stay with Grandpa Johnson. We could play all day and then they could leave and everyone could have their space. They head back to the ever-lovely Tuscan Arizona tomorrow. I mean, I'm sure it has beauty about it but when you live in hell half the year, who cares?
We spent most of our time playing in water here. We attempted Salt Lake but that didn't go too well. When Mel was ready to strangle her kids with the toddler-leash, we decided that was a good time to split up and Peter and I and kiddies saw the Joseph Smith movie. It was the first time for our kids. I had been kind of putting it off because there is some fairly graphic footage but it wasn't so bad and at least I didn't totally bawl through it this time. I think I was too distracted by John's unceasing pleading to "go home NOW". FYI Jay and Mel have four kids six and under, so I'm thinking just taking a sedative and taking turns sleeping through most of this part of their life may be beneficial. That would be Auntie April's advice anyway. Their kids are super-cute though. Probably their most redeeming quality right now for their survival.

Aaron's bishop called yesterday to tell him to expect his mission call today and it totally threw him into a state of panic, so when it didn't arrive we were not happy. We are not too sure why the bishop gave him the heads up anyway. He is beside himself right now and is no doubt not terribly easy to live with. We are all feeling for him. My parents will be gone in Spain (most likely) when he leaves and so it is going to be up to his surrogate mother/sister April to get him ready to go. We are pretty well equipped with that sort of thing here in Utah anyway. Maybe the trip to the MTC will get me more prepared for when Nathaniel leaves, though I assume it will probably just set the stage for my anxiety when that day does come. Let's hope for the sanity of their household the mailman brings a nice large white envelope with his name on it.

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