Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh Meryl...

Wasn't really in on the story line but Meryl Streep is my favorite so I really wanted to see Mama Mia. Peter swore up and down he wouldn't take me so I saw it with my step-mom and sister in California.

I loved it. (Note song on my blog) Had some seriously laugh-out-loud moments. Pretty racy plot. Meryl was awesome as usual and absolutely pulled it off. Pierce, well, not so much.

Peter so would have hated it, and may have never recovered.

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Bonnie said...

Kirk would rather have done anything then see that with me, which would have ruined it for me sitting with him in a theatre watching that would have been awful! seriously he would rather scrub bathrooms babysit our kids, clean out the fridge, anything!! I loved it, I agree it was a bit awkward watching peirce brosnan "sing" but the young couple were great! Has anyone bought the soundtrack is it worth it? I have the original ABBA albums