Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things Peter checked before I flew to California

--My cellphone
--The cellphone charger
--Driver's license
--Not one, but two copies of my boarding pass
--water bottle (I might get stuck in the desert)
--Extra cash
Did I bring any liquids over 3 oz? Park in the red zone. Go straight through security. You don't have to wait in line. Are you sure you have enough cash? Put one boarding pass in suitcase and one in purse in case you lose one. Don't forget where you parked. Put your parking ticket on the dash, not in your purse. You might lose it. Double check your departing gate at the airport. Sometimes it changes. No, don't put your suitcase in the trunk, put it in the back seat. It is faster to get out.

My husband loves me.


Meg said...

What a great husband you have! That is so sweet!

John, Sherrill And kaydence said...

i am jealous and i want to go to california. if you happened to be in the tehachapi area please say hi to my family for me. have a great time and enjoy the california sun.