Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Visiting with my dad

After spending a week in Tehachapi to visit with Peter's family I actually traveled in a plane (which I seriously dislike) last week to visit my dad in Sebastopol, CA. I took Sarah with me, and I think the reason I didn't have my usual panic attack on the plane is because Sarah was having one for me. No need to worry when someone else is, right?
Traveling with my dad is all about the food. It isn't about what you can see, but what you can eat along the way.
Just when you think he could not possibly eat any more--he does. And then? More. Absolutely unbelievable. And yet? Skinny as ever! Some things in life are just not meant to be fair.

We had clam chowder in Bodega Bay and then ate fish and calamari that night in a restaurant overlooking the bay. We ate to-die-for dim sum in San Francisco, where I had my first soft-shell crab. I had a "Black and White" shake at this burger type joint right off the ferry. It was there that I was tasted the most fabulous seared tuna burger ever. We had more calamari clam chowder in sourdough bread on Fisherman's Warf.
Can I just say that seafood is one thing I miss about California?

Sarah was traumatized by the buses in San Francisco and was repelled by the smells in China Town. I was forced to use my self defense, "Stay BACK!!!" with some freak while walking at night back to the hotel. Very good cultural experience for Sarah:)

Such a great break for me to have right before I started this term of summer school. And bonus--Peter was broken into his role of Mr. Mom while I fight through this six week Spanish class. The house was in very impressive shape when I got home. He did laundry for hours the day before I got home. I've gotta say ladies, I've utterly underestimated his hidden housecleaning abilities.
Guess that is what you get for being a control freak.

Who knew it really doesn't matter how the dishwasher is filled? Who knew my 13-yr-old son could empty it? Rebecca (8) is adept at mopping floors and John can actually clean his room. I know as a mom I have only done an injustice to my kids by not trusting them to do more.
Won't be making that mistake anymore:)

Note to my slaves--as I keep promising you about all those piano lessons--you'll thank me later.
Love, Mom

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