Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm here (sort of)

When I went to my parent's house I found quilts I forgot I even made. This one here is Aaron's.

My dad's

Picture quilt with Chinese fabric--made in honor of mom.


This is evidence I have done other things in my life besides homework. Right now that is pretty much my life. We had all but decided I would stop going, but changed our minds and feel really good about continuing. Three years is going to go by either way, right?
I took Spanish 101 and 102 at Ricks College sixteen years ago. BYU requires a whole lot of foreign language in the humanities majors. Kid of frustrating. I do want to speak Spanish, but they are really tough classes. I go every day of the week for 2 hours and spend any other time I have studying for it. I am also taking a creative writing class, but that is so much more manageable. I'm not a creative writer--more of a creative reader I'd say. At least when it comes to anything fiction.
The plan was to retake Span 102, but the adivsor said go ahead and take 105. Spanish was one of the biggest things that was holding me back from graduating just because it seemed so daunting. 16 more credits had I retaken 102. I decided to do it in the summer so I could devote all my energies to school without worrying about getting kids to school, etc. It has been a sacrifice for everyone, but has actually gone as smoothly as it could I suppose. If I can just get though this class that only leaves 8 more credits of Spanish.
One of our assignments required us to write a 2-3 pg paper in Spanish. Frustrating because not only do I have to write it, but I have to come up with a story. What the heck?
Creative writing has been better. What is the teacher going to do--tell me what I have written isn't creative enough? Good thing for that tender mercy.

Feeling old again. I am an exceedingly serious student, while the other students around me focus on the latest pop culture and who is twittering what. During the breaks they watch YouTube videos and talk about their weekends. I was with this boy and girl working on a group activity and completely felt like the third wheel. There was some obvious flirtation going on and the guy was directing all the questions at her--not that I was taking it personally. I must say I don't think he stood a chance with her. I prefer to work with a guy who constantly picks at the zits on his upper arms. No competition there I can tell you. The other day my inner mother/lecturer came out and I flicked him and told him to leave them the heck alone because they are getting all scarred up.
Kind of reminds me of when I was in the creamery with my family and I walked up and pulled up the pants of some girl who was showing a significant amount of her rear end, if you know what I mean. Don't think for a second I regretted it. I have the right to protest public indecency. Kids weren't so impressed. Does anyone but me wonder why it is people can't feel the breeze going on there? Because if half my hinney was hanging out I'd know it.


Sally said...

You are awesome April! Keep correcting their bad behaviour! Somebody needs to and now you can do it for the latins too! I forgot to send those kids spanish/english books home with you. Do you still want to see them?

Bonnie said...

thanks for the laugh I seriously needed it! I don't think i could pull up a girls pants, so I'm glad you did! Once a girl had a tampon hanging out of her back pocket and I did tell her!
Going to my sisters wedding this week, want me to send you a invite so you can see? resend me your address cuz I can't find it!