Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bad parents vs. John the non-eater

White bread
 corn dogs
french fries
chicken nuggets
peanut butter & jelly
 granola bars
 mac & cheese
 baked potato
 fried eggs
 turkey bacon
 chips and salsa
 anything sugary

These are the things John will eat.

Recently Peter and I have realized that John has moved himself from the things he will eat with at least some form of nutritional value to eating absolutely nothing of any value whatsoever. The other night we had hoagie sandwiches, baked beans, pickles, potato salad, and chips. What did John eat? Chips and chips only. I've been buying some chips for lunches and granola bars for snacks but these are becoming John's mainstays now. With the recent drop in his activity level due to his arm we have all noticed John has been putting on a little bit of an extra layer-- ahem, as in fat.

So we have had to take drastic measures over here. Everything John normally snacks on is gone and/or hidden by mom. When we told him there would be no more white bread he cried like his dog died for a good hour. Peter told him we had not been doing our best as parents lately because good parents wouldn't let their child eat like this so now we have to repent. John begged us to be bad parents.

The whole thing has gone pretty much as expected. Yesterday he wanted fried eggs. I told him he would have to eat something else with that as the only part he eats is the cholesterol filled yolks so he would have to have some wheat toast, or wheat pancake, or oatmeal, etc. He absolutely refused. The crying and begging and bargaining and so forth went on for at least an hour I'd say. I looked at him and said that was very sad that he was so hungry. Then I finally said I needed to go take a shower. He finished his stages of grief and finally decided on the pancake with the eggs. He ate and was good as gold for me the rest of the day.

We went down to the Springville pool last night, just John and I because Rebecca is at Girl Scout camp, Nathaniel and Sarah took the van to Lagoon, and of course Peter was at work. It was a rather blissfully quiet day. They were doing a pirate party at the pool for family night. We were there for 2 1/2 hrs as John did the diving contest twice, and eagerly searched for coins in the pool to cash in for prizes at the desk. I had to call one neighbor for a ride down and one for a ride back. Sure would be nice some days to have that third car! Nathaniel needs to get a job.

John got free popcorn and candy at the party and wouldn't eat anything after that last night.
Not surprising.

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