Friday, July 20, 2012

The first week home

 Will's "olive skin" as one person put it, is actually jaundice. 
No chance anyone in this family will end up with truly olive skin.

 We tried putting him in some sun, 
but he ended up on the lights at the house.

 Smiling in his sleep.

 John and his new playmate. 
I caught him yesterday pinching Will's nose shut.
Oh, John.

 Tired mama.

 Here is Grandpa Johnson with his 10th great-grandchild.

Will's color is getting better now and he got off the lights last night when they declared a 13.7 as good enough. 
Now we can bathe him whenever we want:)
His heels have been pricked seven times so far and his patience with it has run out. I could tell yesterday he almost knew what was coming and it was more upsetting to him. Not looking forward to that 2-wk appt. coming up where they'll do it again.

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