Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thoughts on General Conference

Truth: I'm fascinated by my own son. 
After spending my whole life not really understanding the inner-workings that are the teenage boy I now have an inside look:
 Sometimes it isn't pretty.

 But sometimes it is kind of amazing.

 He recently did this series of pictures for his room representing earth, fire, water and air.
(Note the top of the white board he has scheduled in time to laugh at Mason 
for having to sit through driver's ed)

 I'm sure mom's all over the world felt like me yesterday when President Monson announced the age change for missionaries. Here is my own son who is turning 17 in less than a month, and I'm thinking, how can this be?
And more importantly, am I getting him ready? 
I went through a whole flood of emotions. My son could be a missionary in a year. Not that he will as he is still a Junior in High School, but it is just strange to think. A bittersweet thought. The time is flying by isn't it? And it reminds me that the work is moving forward more quickly than ever before, which is incredibly exciting. 
I was alone in my room with Will when I heard it and had to yell down the stairs, "Holy Cow!!" Then I spent the rest of the day walking around the house saying, "I just can't believe it? Can you believe it?"

At least John isn't leaving me anytime soon.

 Or Squilliam, the Droolmaster.

Enjoy the plethora of pictures I took while trying to capture a tender moment between Nathaniel and Will:


That is a Patrick face if I ever saw one.
(Doesn't seem to have matured any since the big announcement.)

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Bonnie said...

ok I see a lot of the faces you make in him!! I was like holy cow, holy cow, holy cow all day after that announcement!! HOLY COW!!! Matt asked to go to this online school so he can graduate early and go, I was like umm sure I support you?? We'll see if his excitement lasts!!