Saturday, October 6, 2012

1st front tooth. Finally.

We've been hearing about this tooth for about three months now, 
so this is a pretty big deal. I think he looks very cute.

John hounded & hounded to be told the truth of the tooth fairy. For all my good intentions I haven't been a very good one. My dad did a fantastic job on this so I can't really say I have an excuse. 

Better to keep his expectations low I decided, so I told him. He demanded to be shown where I keep the teeth and so I did. (I have, for sentimental/irrational reasons, kept many of my children's teeth.)

He insisted I not play the tooth fairy that night so he could see for himself and I agreed--then he was mad at me the following day for telling him the truth and wanted to negotiate how much he would get for the tooth. I coughed up three bucks and told him to count himself lucky.

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