Sunday, September 23, 2012

This week in pictures

 We set up the projector in the backyard last Friday and all the neighborhood kids (and even some parents) come to watch "Despicable Me," one of our favorite movies. 
(I liked this picture because there is a kid swinging on the right.)

 Kids put pictures on the fridge. 
Some are nice,

 some are disturbing. This depiction of myself was drawn by Rebecca and illustrated by Nathaniel.
(My favorites were 'slight stench of bacon-- probably related to her children 'wanting her for dinner' and 'forked tongue-- sign of canabalistic intent')

 I hold Will all day long. Sarah took this picture of him peeking over my shoulderer while I try to make John's breakfast.
See that hair? Looking kinda red!

You can't see it here very well but I have baby barf all over both shoulders and down my back. As the day progressed it got worse and worse but I never had time to change.

Peter caught this tarantula on our driveway. Then we put it in this jar and left it on Nathaniel's desk in his room.
After that I wanted let it go but Peter didn't and bought a little plastic atrium and it has been sitting on my fridge. He would stalk the front porch every night looking for moths to feed it. Today, I'm happy to report he has gone to let it free (into the mountains because my neighbors were outspokenly unhappy about the prospect of it going back into the neighborhood.)

 Rebecca and Sarah have been playing soccer with the city this year. Rebecca always wants to do it and then halfway through the season we are having to drag her to her games. 
Commitment is a hard thing to learn.

 Will hangs out in his basket while I watch for stray balls.

 John comes home with this infraction slip from music in which all the boxes for bad behavior are checked. 
Way to do something throughly, John. 

I let him roll out his own loaf of bread Friday. I came downstairs from putting Will down and this is what I saw. 
"It was my loaf mom." I was too tired to care.

  Charlie, dog of shame, won't look at the camera, 
and for good reason.
The other day he went busting out the front door as Rebecca was walking out and somehow managed to claw a fence or get a little crazy on the street and tore the living heck out of the pads on his feet. Blood was everywhere and I had to bandage them up and put these socks on to keep him from licking them. He wouldn't walk much at all the first day but is healing pretty quickly.
Stupid. Stupid. Dog.
Now he keeps waiting for us to take him on a walk, which I don't think he can do safely for a while. Bummer.

 Sarah and I spend hours looking at Will's luscious lips...

 Even John is sweet with Will.

 Took John to the Renaissance Fair yesterday. I knew it would be stressful for me but it was something I knew John would enjoy so
I took him and Peter got to do some homework in peace. 
(Have I mentioned that Peter is back in school again? We've decided to finally get his CPA. He's taking three classes this semester. It's super fun.)

Here are the people at the fair learning sword-fighting skills. John decided it looked rather lame and besides, "those look heavy." Very good observation I thought.

Let me tell you, some pretty interesting specimens come out for the Renaissance Fair. Those Dungeon-&-Dragons-types are free expose their inner selves. Yikes! 

 John tries to make fire the manly way.

But the best part was when John got to meet Captain Jack Sparrow-- in the flesh. I love Johnny Depp and this guy was amazing. He didn't just look exactly like Jack Sparrow, he had the attitude, the talk, and the swaggering walk down patIt was too intimidating for John and I wanted a picture so Mr. Sparrow went and sat next to John for me. 
John was totally thrilled.

Will was busy looking cute in his stroller.

So there is my week for you.

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