Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Visit from the Mitchell Family

 Here is the the guy that everybody came to see. Will and I spend a lot of time just looking at each other every day. 
This is precious time for me. I'm trying to memorize the way his little eyes look up at me whenever I'm holding him because you just can't capture it on camera the way it feels in real life.

 Will and Grandpa Nat

 Peter's sister's baby Natalie Rose in the sink. 
Oy, she's cute isn't she?

Purely edible rolls on that girl.

 Big brother Daniel never wanted to smile for my camera.

Will in his blessing outfit as we tried it on him Saturday night. All of my boys have worn this, which was given to me by my Grandma Johnson. The blanket in the background was made by Pat Creer, my Uncle Tom's wife, and I've used it for all my babies when they were blessed.

 Sleeping after his big day.

This was his first time in shoes.

 Sarah took this for me right before I went into the chapel. The blessing was beautiful and my Grandpa Johnson, Aunt Carol & Uncle Lou, and cousins Ginny, James, and Leanne all came as well. Four generations of family was represented there. I couldn't believe our family took up two whole rows-- a first for Peter and I! There was a really sweet spirit that day as there was two babies in our ward being blessed. 

 Peter's sister Megan. This is the closest in age we have had babies in this family and Megan didn't get to hold Will a lot--Natalie wasn't sharing mom!

 Getting some love with Grandma Penny.

 Peter's other sister Sally unexpectedly drove down from Washington. It was really good to see her!

 Natalie's eyes are so big I can't get over it. 
The kids and I think she can see into your soul!
So fun to play with-- she squeals and laughs all the time.
6 months is absolutely one of the cutest times for babies.

 The last night they were here we had a fire and had some smores. The next morning Peter's mom said when she went upstairs to see Will as she was leaving he gave her a big smile.

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Sally said...

Looks like a wonderful time! Sorry we couldn't make it! I didn't hear about it until Saturday night at the reception and then come Sunday morning, I couldn't move! Will is so cute and I love that Grandma Johnson and Aunt Pat were represented!