Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to school

Stack of books for Nathaniel's AP History class (minus one book I'm told.) 
You're probably thinking what I'm thinking-- is he really going to read all of this? 
And also, glad that's not me.

 This was supposed to be a picture of Nathaniel sleeping in front of the computer but as you can see he opened his eyes before I could get the shot. Kind of a shock to the system to be getting up at 6:45 when you've spent the last few months going to bed not so many hours before then.
My heart breaketh.

 Another shot of Will flailing his arms in his sleep. Watching him smile, or frown, or chuckle as he dreams really makes me wonder just what is going on in that little head of theirs.
If I could venture to guess by what goes on in his waking hours it would all have to do with food.

Smile: "Mom is going to feed me!"
Laugh: "She's pulling up her shirt!"
Frown: "Why am I not being fed?"

Getting a good shot of babies isn't always so easy. Last night I was trying to get a picture of him before his bath and this was one of them:


We had a fairly successful returning back to school. John is mostly angelic the first week and I'm here holding my breath. 

Sarah is in Honors English, which is going to be a stretch for her, and apparently myself as her first assignment was supposed to contain an adjectival, adverbial, participial, prepositional, and gerund phrase.
I have heard these words before. I've diagramed a lot of sentences. Do you think I remember what they mean?
Don't be silly--
of course I don't.

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