Thursday, August 2, 2012

Three weeks old

Tried to get a picture of Will's pricked heels. 
Only got one heel (and also got my scraped thumb) in the picture. 

 So weird to think we now have three sons!

 I love baby lips.

Boy, it really has been a while since I did this! We are continuing to adjust over here. The kids have been really good about helping me with Will but lots of stuff still falls by the wayside as you can imagine. I can't believe how long it takes to do things with a baby! Then when I get a chance I'm too tired to do anything!

We had Will's pictures professionally taken here at the house last Friday. As I was trying to make the house semi-presentable and wondering which wall she was going to use to hang the backdrops I asked Nathaniel to empty the dishwasher. His teenage response? "Why? Is she taking pictures of the dishwasher?"

The photographer was amazing and brought all her gear. Will was blessedly almost perfect. There was a point when she was taking pictures of him in a wooden pail-- ahhh! so cute! I wanted to get a picture of her taking the picture the whole thing was so cute. Peter thought it was just hilarious seeing him all stuffed in there looking so comfortable. At our kid's school the new principal started a motto last year of having the kids be "bucket fillers," which means they do nice things instead of being a "bucket dipper" where they are mean to each other. Peter was watching the photographer and said, "Well, he's a bucket filler all right!"

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Sally said...

Oh my goodness! That little guy is so adorable! I love his sweet lips too! I can't wait to see his pics!