Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some favorite parts of my day

 Will throws his hands up every time he's in the swing.

 Cracks me up.

I also love his fluffy hair after we give him a bath. I can't get over how much hair he still has. We have noticed his hair is taking on more of a reddish hue, so who knows?
don't love that he's started up with the baby acne the last few days-- ah, man! Won't he have enough of that later in his life?

Just before I went and got my camera Will was facing the other direction and was intently watching as Peter was showing him an app on his new Droid phone. It shows pictures of animals and says, "Cow! Pig! Horse!"
It was a very cute scene to come upon.

But my favorite part of life right now is just holding Will and listening to his squeaky baby noises and having him look up at me. 
This is going to go by way too fast.

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