Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Halloween and moving

Charlie and Will both sport a fro-do

 Didn't do much for Halloween this year as I was totally sidetracked by all the packing of boxes.
But with all these boxes comes a theme for us . . .
Box costumes!
 John reeeaaaalllly wanted me to get this picture.

 Which is fine until you catch your kid riding his bike while wearing his box. Then that's no good.

 Pumpkin carving did not go particularly well this year.

 John the gap-toothed cowboy! What a cutie! Here's his loot:
 Cute in my blankie...

Cute in his baby pack...

 Cute in my Bumbo...

Not so cute. This one is for you, Lily.

Much cuter and very good use of available materials. 

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