Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11 steps to moving in 10 days. (And also, moving is hell.)

 #1 Many neighbors come over with cute babies to help me pack.

They rake my leaves, pull my weeds, and show up at random times to take the baby for extended walks around the block.

#2 Parents come to see Will and get to be a part of the chaos that is my life right now.
(John requires all attention from Grandpa)

#3 Linda helps fix meals and Grandpa Johnson comes for dinner.

#4 In between helping me pack dad gets to hold Will in his new jammies and blanket they got him. Linda gets grandma-baby-whisperer award for getting Will to take a 2-hr nap.

#5 It snows like heck when they get here and tons of branches all over town are broken off trees still laden with fall leaves.

#5 Dad eats his omlette with peas. 
This is not really relevant to this post but I thought it was worth mentioning because I thought it was kind of funny. His dad, William Low, used to always say: "I eat my peas with honey. I've done it all my life. It makes my peas taste funny but it keeps them on the knife."

#6  Rebecca turns 12 and we post this sign up so everyone in our neighborhood knows we have a cute girl going into YW. The party consisted of Comedy Sportz on Saturday.

#7 Ward members have big activity with all the youth (there are about 60) and the Elder's Quorum and help us move.

#8 There are many, many people in all areas of my house. Things are not in order and my entire ward is there to witness it.

 #9 They make scones and hot chocolate in my kitchen that was moved over to the other house that morning by the Relief Society.
 Many children come thinking it is party time at the Mitchell's:)

#10 Behold: the tip of the iceberg. 
Take one orderly house, shake it up, and dump it into another house. 
Ward members bring in meals for several days. 
My debt of gratitude knows no bounds.

#11 Move from early morning until late at night every night for four days straight until your back is tender to the touch, you have no places left without bruises, cuts on all your fingers and every muscle in your body is screaming out for mercy. Then immediately load up and leave for Thanksgiving in California. 
Will has the right idea. 
Just fall on the floor and take a nap already!

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