Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Staying at cheap motels on the way there and back was the best decision. Really helped to break up the drive and Will did quite well. We were able to get adjoining rooms both times and this is what Will sleeps in right now. Works out awesome for travel.

John reads some bedtime stories to little brother in the motel.

Grandpa Nat and Will

Uncle Patrick!
more kissing!
This is the first time we've had two babies so close in age in this family. It has been really fun to see. 
Natalie is exactly 4 months older than Will.
She's also a doll and I'm loving those lips!

John and his latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. 
He LOVES to read and we are SO glad!

("Heh! No hoggin' my camera time!")

Oh yea. The turkey. 
Peter dreams about this day the whole year long.
Nathaniel jumps for joy to hear the turkey is done:

Peter's brother Charles meets Will for the first time.

Lets eat!

Then time for more pictures:

Behold-- all the cousins on the Mitchell side. 
(Left to right-- Rebecca, Nathaniel, Daniel, John, Heidi, Hannah, Claire, Natalie, Connor, Will, and Sarah.)

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