Saturday, March 30, 2013


Behind the house we now live in there was a field. Basically like an extension of the backyard because there is no fence. It was a pretty view out the kitchen windows.

Here are the tracks Nathaniel made in the snow one day:

And John following after:

Then one day the trucks came and started to dig in the snow:
 They are building the new junior high right behind us.
All day. Every day. (Except Sundays.) 
They start the trucks up at 6am on the dot.

 There is always banging and beeping and drilling and pounding and the sounds of trucks going all day long. It is not my favorite. Not as bad as I might have thought, but still, not my favorite.

 The trucks get amazingly close to the backyard. 
Look how massive they are!

Sometimes we think they are just driving around out there in circles. Just for fun.

Here you can see that the field is just dirt now in the background.
Will often watches them while he eats. If he grows up to be as into trucks as some kids I've known he'll be pretty entertained for a while to come.

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