Thursday, October 3, 2013

Construction signs

All this construction going on in the backyard is about making me crazy.
The noise, the dust, the beeping, the shaking, the crazy drivers, the accidental interruption of our water in the middle of washing my hands-- it is really getting old.

Will doesn't seem to mind. He likes to watch the trucks.

There are obviously lots of things I'm not pleased about living in a construction site but not much I can do about any of it. However, we have construction workers parking all around our houses here and our Nazi mail lady won't deliver the mail if there is a car parked in front of the mailboxes. Sometimes I think the workers just don't even think about it and park there so I thought I'd put out subtle reminder signs, cause you know, that's kinda what I do.

Guess I left the word program up on the computer after I printed out the signs and had a good laugh when I saw that my message had been tampered with:

I immediately assumed it was Nathaniel as he pulls little pranks all the time and this is definitely something I could see him doing. 
Turns out it wasn't him (cue Rebecca's evil laugh.)
This girl cracks me up. 
Her innocent face belies a devious little mind that never stops plotting away.
 Remind you of anyone you know? Heh heh.

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