Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The joy of the library

John and I have our struggles but the one thing we have in common is that we both love to read. A trip to our fabulous new library often results in a pile like this:
Believe it or not we will actually end up reading the majority of this pile. It provides a much needed escape from the aforementioned struggles of our lives. There is a young man working there who walks around looking very dapper in his Gap outfits with an iPad he uses to look up books that literally hangs off his neck in some kind of a sling. He not only puts up with John's many book requests but actually encourages it. John talks his ear off and he takes it all in stride. I heard John say to him he had just one more book he was looking for and then he would leave him alone. The man said not to worry, it was his job and John could ask him for as many books as he wanted. 

The heart-melting picture in my mind of me watching them walk away side by side through the library in search of yet another book when we were there on Monday is one that reminds me of why--in the end-- it's all worth it. My gratitude to this wonderful worker at the Springville City Library.

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