Monday, May 26, 2014

(It wasn't allergies)

(Email correspondence between John's teacher and I)

Me: Just so you know we don't know what the deal is with John's face. I know it was an allergic reaction of some sort but we have no idea to what. Anyway, he was outside for some period of time yesterday and later last night after his bath his face started looking red and hot right there. We noticed it before it even started hurting. Then it looked like it was getting blistered and it hurt and burned. Definitely a reaction to something. 
Just so you know no one punched him in the face-- at least that we know:)

Teacher: Thanks for the info. He originally told me that he got out of the bath and his face was red but he didn't know why. But later in the day today,  he said 'well I didn't want to tell anyone but I took a sponge and scrubbed my face really hard'. I thought hives for a while too but it turned so scabby.
Me: Ha! That makes sense! I saw a sponge with a scrubber in the bathroom and wondered why it was there! 

I also got a call from the principal. 

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