Sunday, May 11, 2014

Spring Break

Last month I decided spending the week of spring break with bored kids didn't sound so good so I took three of the kids, one friend, and my brother Aaron and we went to Glenwood Springs, Colorado. How I ended up choosing this place is a longish story but they have the world's largest hot springs so what better reason than that? 

Doc Holiday's grave

Hanging Lake

This is the lake we hiked to, which was the most insane hike I've ever done. Not because of the distance (about a mile up) or the steep climb, but because it went from dry to muddy to packed down solid ice. No where was safe to step. There was actually people wearing crampons! I was in terror I'd fall and brake something again (and I did fall and get a nice baseball size bruise on my hip.) The true hero was Aaron who carried Will on his shoulders almost the entire time. I have no earthly idea how he did it.
This bridge we were supposed to somehow cross is a good example of the whole trail. 
Note that the snow comes up to the railings.

Here is Rebecca's friend Alicia that came with us. She actually got down on the ground and just slid down part of the trail on her butt. I would have done the same thing but I didn't know what would be more dangerous.

Something is exciting Will here

On the way home I kept wondering when we were going to be hitting Price as the gas was getting pretty low. Turned out we had missed an exit. Once we figured out what we had done it was too late and after some silent prayers and a little white-knuckling we rolled on fumes into a lovely town in the middle of nowhere that happens to rhyme with a certain part of the female anatomy. As they are so conveniently located to NOTHING their two gallon gas cans sold for $20! (We know this because someone came in looking for one. I bet they get that multiple times a day.)
Good news is though we went a while out of the way we made it back home safe and sound. For six people staying three nights in a room with two queen beds (at a hotel that just so happened to be filming a show called "Hotel Impossible" for the Discovery Channel and hence had camera people everywhere) I think the trip went pretty well. Blessings upon Aaron for coming with me.

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