Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bottle blues

 Rebecca drew this on the back of a church program

Dear William,
You are pretty cool I guess. You don't really do anything and you treat me like your slave but I still love you.

Rebecca has such a way with words:)

Will's sleeping pattern is still junk. Peter brought him into our bed this morning at 5:30 and then went and slept in Nathaniel's room. (Great!) I kept going in and out of the room and he was sleeping in a different spot almost every time.

The whole floor thing? I don't know. It didn't even phase him when the flash went off.

Took him to the doctor today because I'm a loser mom and have never taken him in for his 15 or 18 month check ups. He's in the 40% category weight and 95% for height. He'll probably be tall like Nathaniel.

His speech is way behind right now. Since it's free we are going to have him evaluated. They test to make sure they are hearing sounds clearly because if things are sounding garbled for some reason this could obviously cause a delay in speech. I'm not sure how they are able to test this on a 2-year-old. Personally, I think he'll talk when he dang well feels like it, but always good to know I guess.
Doc also says the bottles need to go. I knew she was going to say this. We ruined his front teeth letting him have juice in bed around 6 or 8 months old so of course I feel awful about that. I know we need to ditch the bottle. No big deal. Only his most beloved of possessions

Being that this is my fifth child you'd think I'd be better at parenting a toddler. Unfortunately you'd be mistaken. We let him stay up waaaay to late (especially this summer), we can only listen to him scream for so long in his room (he's been going hoarse) so we keep letting him come into our bed, and we love the bottle because it makes him sooo content. Peter and I always like to joke about him being a very well-hydrated child. We change a lot of very saggy diapers.

Curious George + bottle + blanket + fist full of hair =
Happy, quiet, Will.

Nathaniel and Will watching some Curious George 
on my bed back sometime in July.
I love it so much.

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